Dinomancer: Ghost in the Eggshell


Rob DNA from the space dinosaurs and get their eggs



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Dinomancer: Ghost in the Eggshell is a first-person action game where you go to a dinosaur space station to steal their DNA, which will later be used as a valuable cosmetic material.

Your mission is to get rid of all the dinosaurs you encounter in the space station using your ray gun ... and your boot. Besides shooting the dinosaurs, you can kick them and send them flying through the air.

Once you get 100% of their DNA, you can create a dinosaur egg and take it back to your space ship. After getting back to full health, you'll have to keep fighting your enemies.

Dinomancer: Ghost in the Eggshell is an infinite game, in the sense that you can keep taking dinosaur eggs to your ship either until they kill you or until you get bored, whichever happens first.

Dinomancer: Ghost in the Eggshell is a game with a very fun premise, although it could use some more difficulty. Even so, it does get more difficult to survive the waves of space dinosaurs as you keep playing.
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